Currency regulation and currency control

Currency regulation and currency control

Our lawyers have been handling a wide range of issues relating to currency legislation of Ukraine.

We offer the following services relating to Ukrainian currency regulation and control:

 - Providing advice to companies and individuals regarding currency legislation;

 - Analysing financial and foreign trade transactions for compliance with currency legislation;

 - Participating in the litigation of cases regarding administrative offences against currency legislation and currency regulations. This includes representing clients when protocols are drafted and when resolutions regarding such cases are adopted.



Our services relating to corporate law:

 - Acquisition finance;

 - Due diligence;

 - Corporate governance;

 - Business set-ups, corporate reorganisation and winding-up;

 - Joint ventures;

 - Securities;

 - Competition and anti-trust;

 - Corporate dispute resolution.



Our services include:

 - Legal support as to choosing the best way of a foreign investor operating in Ukraine;

 - Tax due diligence;

 - Legal support during office and field tax audits (analysis of the legislation and source documents, drafting of replies to tax authority requests, assistance in collecting documents, and liaising with the tax auditors);

 - Client representation in court sessions;

 - Application of the legislation governing profit tax, VAT, corporate property and other taxes. Taxation of individuals.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our services include:

Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution

 - IP dispute resolution, including proceedings in all Ukrainian national courts

 - Proceedings relating to counterfeit products distribution;

 - Trade mark and patent-related disputes;

 - Copyright and Neighboring rights protection including Internet-related litigation and arbitration;

 - IP licensing and franchising disputes.

IP Consulting

 - Drafting and negotiating IP license agreements, alienation of IP rights agreements;

 - Drafting authorship agreements as well as software development agreements and software license agreements;

 - Due diligence of Intellectual Property;

 - Tax advice with regard to transactions involving IP assets.

IP Registration

 - Registering copyright;

 - Registering industrial designs.

Data and Secrets Protection

Data and Secrets Protection

5 Personal data:

 - Conducting a full scope audit and advising on compliance issues in terms of personal data protection legislation;

 - Drafting and submitting notifications to the communications regulator the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Human Rights in relation to personal data processing;

 - Preparing companies for forthcoming inspections (including training employees regarding their conduct), and providing support during inspections of observance of the personal data protection laws;

 - Representing clients in disputes with data subjects concerning personal data processing issues.

Trade and Banking Secrets:

 - Drafting the documents necessary for a trade secret regime to be enforceable;

 - Drafting agreements to dispose of an exclusive right to know-how and license agreements granting the right to use know-how;

 - Drafting confidentiality agreements as well as confidentiality clauses in contracts;

 - Providing support in internal investigations of the circumstances in which unauthorised access has been gained to confidential information;

 - Going to court to recover losses caused by the disclosure of trade secret information.

Legal support of individuals and legal entities in Poland

Legal support of individuals and legal entities in Poland

- Visa assistance, filling up visa application forms

- Translation with notary certification in Poland

- Registration of place of residence, place of temporary or permanent stay

- Search for and submission of documents to the higher education establishments in Poland

- Business registration in state authorities (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy, (KRS); Krajowy Rejestr Urzędowy Podmiotów Gospodarki Narodowej, ( REGON);  Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej, (NIP); Urząd Skarbowy, VAT)

- Drawing up and harmonization of incorporating documents as well as other legal papers pursuant to the client’s request

- Legal support of notary certification of incorporating documents, specimen of signature of the founders, and other documents with Polish notaries

- Opening accounts with a bank

- Another issues related to immigration and business immigration to Poland



Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

We offer our clients the following services related to dispute resolution:

 - Shareholders Disputes;

 - Banking Disputes;

 - Construction & Engineering Disputes;

 - Commercial Disputes;

 - Competition Disputes;

 - Insurance Disputes;

 - Intellectual Property Disputes;

 - Real Estate Disputes;

 - Tax Disputes;

 - Customs Disputes;

 - Defamation;

 - Labour Disputes;

 - Debt Collection.

Technogenic Safety Law practice

Technogenic Safety Law practice

Our specific expertise includes:

 - Providing advice on issues relating to the Civil Protection Code of Ukraine;

 - Fire safety legal issues;

 - Technogenic safety;

 - High-risk facilities identification;

 - Drafting Emergency Response Plans.

Employment Practice

Employment Practice

Our services include:

 - Advice on everyday matters of employment relations;

 - Restructuring of employment relations and redundancies;

 - Development of all types of agreements and internal regulations;

 - Salaries and bonuses;

 - Labour dispute resolution in and out of court;

 - Support during audits by government authorities, judicial defense;

 - Relations with trades unions, collective bargaining negotiations;

 - Industrial safety;

 - Material liability, damages;

 - Protection of confidential information;

 - Employment of foreign citizens.

White collar / Individuals criminal defense

White collar / Individuals criminal defense

Our services include:

 - Representing companies and individuals during all types of investigation by law enforcement agencies (including appealing against related decisions and actions by law enforcement officers or preparing a legal position, etc.);

 - Advising clients and protecting and representing their interests during criminal proceedings conducted within Ukraine;

 - Identifying business crime risks;

 - Preparing opinions based on available information including that provided by law enforcement agencies, on the prospects for investigation into criminal cases;

 - Training personnel on what to do during an investigation by law enforcement agencies;

 - Drafting guidance for clients on what to do when law enforcement or regulatory agencies carry out audits.

Customs and International Trade

Customs and International Trade

We offer services relating to:

International trade in goods, works and services:

 - International trade contracts drafting;

 - Customs clearance of imported/exported goods;

 - Identification of the most advantageous customs treatment;

 - Customs preferences.

Legal representation of clients before the customs, foreign exchange and judicial authorities

 - Challenging unlawful decisions issued by the customs authorities;

 - Challenging adjusted customs values and goods BTI decisions;

Representing clients in administrative cases instigated for violation of the customs and exchange legislation.