Implementation of counsel-at-law’s monopoly on representation in Ukrainian courts

As from 01 January 2017 in Ukraine any person may be represented in the Supreme Court and in courts of cassation by counsel-at-law only. Counsel-at-law’s monopoly on representation of other persons in courts of appeal will be implemented in Ukraine since 01 January 2018, and that in first-instance courts will be a must since 01 January 2019.

Starting from 01 January 2020 only prosecutor and counsel-at-law will be allowed to represent public authorities and local self-government bodies in courts.

Some minor exceptions regarding representation in court may be set by the law.

Implementation of the said monopoly is based on the Law of Ukraine “On amending Constitution of Ukraine (regarding public justice)” dated 02 June 2016 No. 1401-VIII which becomes effective on 30 September 2016.