Additional import duty at rate of 5%-10% for customs regime “import” repealed in Ukraine since 01 January 2016

On 24 December 2015 the Parliament of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine “On measures to foster foreign economic activity” (draft law No. 3533 dated 26 November 2015). According to this law another law of Ukraine No. 73-VIII from 28 December 2014 by which  additional import duty was introduced for almost all goods imported into Ukraine should become invalid. Meaning that as from 01/01/2016...[read more]


National Bank of Ukraine still discourages foreign investors in Ukraine

The Board of the National Bank of Ukraine adopted Resolution № 863 On Resolving the Situation in the Money and Foreign Exchange Markets of Ukraine and  dated December 4, 2015. In particular, measures stacked against foreign investors were installed by this Resolution once again. Pursuant to sub-clause 19 of clause 6 of this Resolution purchase and transfer of foreign currency in relation...[read more]


Package tax can be imposed in Ukraine: drafts laws №№ 3198-1, 3199-1, 3200-1

In drafts of laws of Ukraine № 3198-1, 3199-1, 3200-1 registered in the parliament of Ukraine the idea of package levy was fixed. It should be noted that in drafts laws the package is considered both as individual goods and that along with other goods for packing of which the package was used. So called Ecotax on production and import of packages and goods in package it is offered to use for...[read more]


Documentary inspection results are to be formalized by tax official in accordance with new Procedure as from November 17, 2015

On 17 November 2016 the Order of Ministry of Finance of Ukraine No. 727 of 20 August 2015 was published and came into force. New Procedure for formalisation of results of tax audits of Ukrainian legal entities and their subsidiaries was set by this Order. To see the Order please follow the link: [read more]


Panel of judges of the High Administrative Court of Ukraine dividing twelve to nine managed to make, in legal contemplation, grounded decision

This is an unusual situation when a panel of 21 judges of the High Administrative Court of Ukraine makes a split decision dividing 12 to 9. This is exactly the case which took place on October 16th, 2015, when this High Court had reviewed the case 826/18826/14. There is an opinion that HCHR Case of Pichkur v. Ukraine (application no. 10441/06) and Ilascu and Others v. Moldova and Russia...[read more]

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